Navigate Complexity with Modern Requirements Management

Define, manage, and validate complex systems requirements while eliminating the risks and inefficiencies associated with documents and legacy systems.


Our Platform

Streamline Your Development Process

increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency & Optimize Processes

Accurately capture and communicate requirements, goals, progress, and interdependencies to remove friction throughout the development process.

change response

Understand and Respond to Change

Identify implications of product changes to minimize late-stage changes and rework by ensuring development teams have the latest information to make informed decisions as requirements evolve.


Establish Clarity & Collaboration

Integrate Jama Connect™ requirements and test case management with Jira task management and test automation solutions for broader visibility into what you’re building and why.

Jama Connect

Centralize Your Requirements

Managing requirements in Jama Connect speeds the product development process by saving time, strengthening alignment, and ensuring quality and compliance. Teams can create, review, validate, and verify requirements in one solution.

Jama Connect also gives teams the ability to:

  • Have a single source of truth for clear visibility throughout the development process
  • Iterate in real time for informed decision making and consensus
  • Support multiple development methodologies and engineering disciplines
  • Configure the platform to align to industry best practices
  • Visualize how tests track back to requirements to prove quality and compliance
  • Reuse validated requirements to quickly replicate features across products

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Jama Connect provides visibility across product definition, design, build and test phases, and exposes relationships and dependencies between systems, teams, activities and results.​

“[Jama Connect] helped reduce meeting times, simplify cumbersome specification docs, and improve overall communication to ensure all requirements were accounted for accurately.”

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“We love the fact that it’s very easy to compare prior versions of requirements. It’s easy to track, review, sign off and know how and why we did certain things.”

Elizabeth Rosenberg, Practice Leader
Alight Solutions

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Key Features and Benefits

Change Management Made Simple


Live Traceability

Easily navigate upstream and downstream relationships to understand the impact of change and coverage across development.

review center

Decision Tracking & Faster Reviews

Conduct virtual reviews of requirements, test cases, user needs, or test results and track discussions, changes, and critical decisions across teams and geographies.


Real Time Collaboration

Immediately notify and prioritize critical decisions, pull in required contributors, and reference historical context to eliminate communication bottlenecks.


The Bottom Line: Better Requirements Add Business Value

Learn more about the business value an organization can achieve from investing in developing better requirements, as well as how to think about the return on investment from that effort.

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Seamlessly Integrate with Your Development Tech Stack

Take advantage of our integration solutions with market-leading tools for design and simulation, task management, lifecycle management, quality assurance, and testing. Teams can work in their preferred tools while ensuring all requirements are verified and validated to achieve complete traceability.

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